Saturday, 26th Jan 2019 at 7:30pm

St Michael's Church, Highgate

South Grove,      N6 6BJ

 MENDELSSOHN  Overture: The Fair Melusina

Piano Concerto No 1   (directed from the piano by Louis Schwitzgebel)

 HAYDN  Symphony No. 104 (London)

 Conductor:               Jonathan Bloxham

 Soloist and Director: Louis Schwitzgebel

   Concert in aid of the Harington Scheme and Noah's Ark Children's Hospice




Reserved tickets: £25, £20 and £15,

 please call the Harington Scheme on 020 8340 5643 

Unreserved tickets: £12 book on line from

    Please note: you will not be charged a fee for booking online.